Sal Linzalone

Yacht Broker

I decided to make the transition from captain to yacht broker to protect the relationships I’ve built over the past 30 years. My clients have trusted me with their friends’, family members’, and children’s safety for decades. They know they can count on me to look after their yacht acquisitions as well. I know what makes a “good boat” a good boat. I have been a captain my entire adult life. I tell it like it is and clients appreciate direct honest answers.

Over the course of my maritime career, I’ve had to make a lot of judgement calls. I have been a yacht captain for over 30 years. There’s no secret in making the right calls. Honesty, respect, diligence, and experience are the key factors in running a solid program and doing the right thing. I pride myself as being a no-nonsense guy. Everyone who knows me knows that’s just how I am.

In the early 90’s I ran a 149-passenger ferry out of New York. There was no margin of error. Manhattan can be a very demanding town. Safety came first. Documentation and vessel maintenance were a must. I managed and trained my crew well. I ran a tight ship and kept things runny smoothly for 5 years.

I had prior experience running a 126 Dutch-built Feadship. We ran with a 50ft sportfish as well as a 37ft speed boat. The program stayed busy, and the guests stayed happy.

Over the course of the next 30 years, I’ve had the pleasure of running all kinds of yachts traveling all over the world. The yachts have varied in size from a 48 Sunseeker to a 143 Swift Ship and everything in-between. Guests have been happy. Crew have had safe and productive work environments to work in. It’s been a win-win for all.

When I’m not running a boat or helping a client find their dream yacht, I’m working on one of my many inventions and adding to my collection of patents. I have several successful start-ups. I am a motorcycle fanatic, stock trader and a lifetime lover of the sea.

Give me a call and let’s discuss your Yacht Habit.

– Sal